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For many years now, MaryDes is the leading company for book cover designs and multiple winner of several international book cover design contests. Our designs are not copy & paste material, but works of art. We not only pay attention to every detail but, also make our designs appeal to your market. For sure, your cover must be attractive and eye-catching, but it also needs to invite and, most important, sell.

We want to give you the opportunity to become a proud owner of a MaryDes book cover design, either premade or custom. You also will be able to profit from our extra services, like marketing material, book trailers and author websites. Discover how we can make your next book a bestseller. Welcome.

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Premade Book Cover Designs

You need book cover design for a low budget urgently? Look no further: our premade book cover designs have the same high quality as our custom covers but are almost ready to use. We will adapt size and title to make it print ready according your instructions.
We also give you the opportunity to buy these cover for exclusive or nonexclusive use.

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Custom Book Cover Designs

Do you want a book cover that fully matches your book’s content? A marketing friendly design that supports your book and giving you all chances of becoming the next bestselling author? We will be happy to create such a design based on your information.
We can create a unique and exclusive design for you that will be eye-catching and attractive.

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Marketing Material

Someday your book will be ready. But, if you think you’re work is done, think otherwise. You will have to bring your book to the attention of your target audience.
This implies being active on social media, book fairs, and maybe even give lectures.
Fortunately, we can support you with a lot of marketing material.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I was blown away by Maryna’s creativity. She took the design into her own hands and ran away with it–yet at the same time, she managed to read my mind and come up with a design I loved. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Danielle Lincoln Hanna - USA


“Absolutely AMAZING to work with!! I would give her more “STARS” if it would let me! Always there when I needed her or had any question and was always willing to do what I needed. You CAN NOT go wrong picking MaryDes for your next project!!

Lisa Moser - USA

Miss Conception

“MaryDes has designed a terrific cover which will attract readers to my book. She has excellent English communication skills and responded quickly to my many amateur comments with revised designs and explanations.
Maryna is a talented perfectionist who is generous with her time and expertise. Next time I will ask for MaryDes.”

B.M. Allsopp - Australia

Death on Paradise Island

“MaryDes Design is highly recommended! The book design of ‘Richtungswechsel’ is saying a lot about my story and about me as an author. MaryDes Design felt intuitively how my story would live through the design. I appreciate the wonderful communication, the fast and honest work and feedback, and a designer who lives her creative potential to a very high degree. Thank you for your business. I am a returning costumer! “

Katja Mühlberg - Germany


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