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Exclusively for authors.

Fully functional websites with all pages needed by authors.

Customizing your photos is included.

Based on our specially created templates makes it affordable.

Customizable by you.


You can choose between an author site and book site. Both contain the same pages but a book site has the book series of the author on the Home-page. Sites are based on the WordPress engine and therefore you can change all content yourself.


  • Author page, with all information about the author.
  • Book page: where all the information about your books has been brought together.
  • Events page: where you can inform your readers about autograph sessions, book fairs, research trips and anything else you think is interesting for them.
  • Blog page, where you can share the latest news.
  • Contact page where your readers can get in contact with you.

Demo site: Tracy Tripp


Now  $750


Picture gallery where you can share pictures of events you’ve attended or research trip you’ve made.

Give your readers a look behind the scenes and let them enjoy the places you visited and related to your book.

Demo site: Tracy Tripp


Now  $72

Video gallery where you can share video messages with your readers.
Address your readers directly with personal messages.


Now  $72

Review page where readers can leave you their reviews.
This makes interacting with your readers much easier.


Now  $72


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In the mean time you can search for some high resolution pictures of you and your books. We will need this for your website.

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